What makes a private RO server good

Ragnarok Online (RO) has to be my favorite MMORPG ever, maybe even the best game game I’ve played. Since it’s release by Gravity, many private servers have come and gone. And each of these servers follow their own rules. Here I list what in my opinion makes a RO server amazing:

High rate, but not so high. You want to take your time leveling your character. Reaching max level in an afternoon is no fun. Anything from two weeks to a month to reach the cap level is acceptable, but longer times are always challenging.
The drops have to be somewhat challenging but not ridiculous. For me regular drops 100%, equip 20-50%, cards 1-5% is perfect.
Level cap is very important. I like high level caps (max base level 255-500) but with no ridiculously easy ways to get to it. The higher the level cap the harder should be to get there. As for job level cap I don’t really like anything below 120. I believe 120 skill points barely fill up the skills for some jobs. And the job level cap must be reached before the base level one!
A medium sized community. Being alone in a server can make everything very boring very quickly. But a huge community where even hunting for the basic things becomes a competition is not fun either.
Questable donation items. This is a great way to attract new players, and a good way to keep old players busy. This quests should not be ridiculously long and hard.
Fair donation items. The donation items shouldn’t be overpowered or god items. The best is when certain items do specific things, that way depending on your job, you would be aiming at a particular item that works for you.
PVP server? I have mixed feelings about this one. It can be a fun thing to skirmish with other players outside the cities. It provides motivation to find better equipment and get better at playing with your character as opposed to just leveling up. But some players can be really annoying and target low level players or prevent them from going into places. I guess this one depends on the community in that particular server.
Has a Santa’s Beard. Yes, I absolutely love this headgear for my paladin character, and having a way to acquire it is one of the things I look for in a server!

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