Modern dating is disappointing | Realistic thoughts

We live in an era were modern dating is really disappointing. Today, with all the social media, we have countless options to choose who we want and who we let go in an instant. All this with a click of a button.

We are too afraid to commit, too afraid to actually take time to meet a person. Too afraid to accept their bad and good. Instead we just say “It’s ok, there are 1000 other messages waiting for me.”

We choose people based on “personality CVS” as if we were employers on hiring season. Worst of all, we choose people based on swipes and likes depending on how photogenic they are and which filter makes them look better.

It has become such a fast process, that I don’t even understand it much. One week you try to know someone and the next thing you know is a different person the other week.

These days love and commitment have been put at last. Netflix n chill, one nights, booty calls and tinder casuals have been put in first place.

Try to be different and you’ll be the weird, crazy person that doesn’t follow the dating standards.

And why trying with just 1 person? The heck! lets flirt with as many people possible and choose them like if it was a deck of cards. Take out the one who seems too “thirsty and desperate”. Keep the one that ignores you. Play the game or it will play you!

All this to say the old ways should come back. People should open their eyes and realize why relationships these days come and go so fast. We need to realize finding a person to share most of our time and life with is something special and not just some game.”

– Alan Tiscareno

I found this in Facebook, is a deep thought from a great friend of mine.

I admire the way this short but strong message summarizes us, our lives and our perception of love nowadays.

“Technology brings closer the ones who are far away, but drives away the ones who are closer”
-A well-known spanish quote:
[La tecnología acerca a los que están lejos y aleja a los que están cerca.]