“There is no time to talk[…] it’s time for tea”| A broken promise at Mad Hatter’s domain

The Mad Hatter has always been my favorite character in anything related to Alice in Wonderland. He comes back to Alice’s insane mind  more incoherent than ever.

In this surreal game he reappears in Alice’s path with many “physical” needs. He is emotionally destroyed and dismembered because his only two friends, The Hare and The Mouse turned their backs against him and took over the Mad Hatter’s Domain.

Cranking up and Pressing Down is one of the levels in such realm. This is one of the few levels (in a game) that made me feel rushed by  the atmosphere and ambiance only, not by a typical lunatic-monster-chasing-episode. I was stressed with all the gnashing around me, requiring Alice to move quickly and sharp, being watched by the Hare moving the levers down to get me smashed.

Everything was gnashing and pounding.
I wish I could have seen The Hare for a longer period. I actually miss him.
The abuse and despair reigned the Mad Hatter’s domain

Smelling and Regurgitating is another level at my  favorite lunatic character’s domain. The name made me feel sick just by reading it.  The Mouse’s monologue in the recording is priceless. This recording playing constantly made me think about the big corporations nowadays, the brainwash and the deep influence it can make, created by an authority figure.

The Mouse’s monologue is priceless. Makes me think about the big corporations nowadays.
The Mouse is filled with grudge.


Pain, suffering and brutality reigns in the Hatter’s mullock palace. The whole flock of Dodos had been mutilated by the Mouse and the Hare, forcing them to run forever.

Dodo being tortured by the insanity of The Mouse and The Hare

Eyes poked out and replaced by screws, legs had been changed to metallic prosthetic ones and a  gear on the back, which is working endlessly to keep the Dodo running.

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This image reminded me of Portal, their fate and my duty were obvious:

The hidden message reminded me of Portal

I must say, the sound effects were outstanding. Thank you Jason Tai  for creating such an eerie, surreal ambiance. The melody makes us wander in delight between steam, grinding gears and crushing machines. What does the little light bell noises are supposed to imitate? tea drops? some tea-cup tapping ? sugar cubes?

I enjoyed this chapter a lot. Meeting the Mad Hatter again was interesting and in the situation he was found. The insanity the Mouse and the Hare spread throughout the episode is remarkable.

I cannot wait to continue playing this wonderful game. As far as I am with the game, I have the soundtrack ready on my playlist so I can inspire myself into the dreadful and creepy storyline.

Note: I added this link to the walk-throughs in the game by IGN for your convenience. 


“The law is just. Just a whisper away. Who knows how to measure rules? With a ruler! Cruel rules.”
-Mad Hatter in Alice: Madness Returns