A quick “bonjour” | Namaste, Montréal (Canada)

I finally made it.
I had been waiting for this trip so long, you can’t even imagine. One of my long-term goals was getting to Montréal and I made it. This trip was unbelievable even tough it was extremely fast. Mixed emotions, many plans ahead and a welcoming ambience made me reassure this is a city I want to live in.

Since the moment I stepped into the cozy neighborhoods with a wood-like smell I knew this city was going to be wonderful. I stayed in a room in Candiac South Shore: safe neighborhoods and extremely quiet. The houses seemed from a fairy tale, everything in order, everything clean. Even tough this is far from the city there is easy and fast transportation to get to Centre-Ville. But if you are looking for practicality I recommend looking into BnBs right down at Centre-Ville, Candiac South Shore is more of a residential area and consumes valuable time (and money!) to move from one place to another. I was lucky my hosts dropped me at Panama Station at Brossard where I took a  Bus 45 Candiac – Montréal ( $3.25 aprox). It takes 35 min to get to Centre-Ville.




I strongly recommend buying an OPUS+ at the Metro. It is a transit card from $10-$13 CAN but it works for any public transportation all around Montréal for 24 hours, as many times you want! It is definitely easier to carry one card than to be looking for spare change every time you need to move around the city, and absolutely cheaper!
The metro is extremely easy to understand and use, even if you haven’t use one ever in your life I am sure you will figure this one out.

This is a city full of youth, nevertheless there is a remarkable contrast between innovation and antiquity. The Centre-Ville is very well-known to be very artistic and have a hipster-look  with a blend of modernism. Montréal has a lot to offer, it is clearly worthy to walk and walk and just walk. The weather is wonderful and the security is great, so enjoy it! (My visit was made during July, so the weather allowed me to walk and explore a lot).

I love this picture! the contrast between innovation and antiquity is lovely.


Places I quickly visited:

L’Oratoire Saint-Joseph de Mont-Royal is colossal. It is hidden on top of the hill with an excellent view of the city. It takes from 10-20 minutes to get from the Centre-Ville to L’Oratoire.


Lac Memphremagog – Magog is quite far from Montréal (2hrs by car), but it is a must if you have the time and transportation aid (from relatives, friends or hosts). I loved it! It is a super friendly park and a beach with a very relaxing ground, meditation ambience or just a  family  (or lover hee hee) getaway.




There is something very useful you must know,  the schedule the Canadians  have is very peculiar. Most of the shops and convenient stores were closed between 5 and 7 pm, so say goodbye to those cravings before or after dinner. And yes, you will have to anticipate your shopping because you will find some ghostly streets past 5 pm.

As well, the parking spaces are pretty complicated, they are full of rules and restrictions that will make you think more than twice to park in that juicy spot you just found (in case you plan to rent a car).


As I was walking through the neighborhood I noticed Canadians have hockey rinks located in certain places, as soccer fields in Mexico. We have soccer fields everywhere in Mexico! and every time a recreation park opens the first sport-place we build is a soccer field.


The french got the best of me. I finally understood the challenge of moving throughout a city (alone) using a language you don’t master. Just so you know, this city was my motivation on waking up early on Saturdays for a whole year to finish the Basic Level of french. I am looking forward to master the language as soon as I move to Montréal next year. Even tough everybody speaks English around the city, everything and everyone tries to communicate FIRST in French, so I got a chance to practice as far as I could.

I am doing an unbelievable effort to accomplish my goals and to get to Montréal is the main one that leads me to many. I am truly grateful to the wonderful Tiscareño family who opened their arms and made me feel welcome as soon as I met them. Thank you for answering all of my questions, even the silly ones (hehehe), and being open and honest about the city´s pros and cons.

I am looking forward. Excited, thrilled and with tons of very juicy plans ahead before I reach to my wonderful destination again: Montréal.


“It is astonishing how much enjoyment one can get out of a language that one understands imperfectly.”
― Basil Gildersleeve

Thoughts pulled out from musical notes | Song: Ludovico Einaudi “I Giorni”

Tuesday afternoon. I get a text from a friend asking me to explore Ludovico Einaudi’s song “I Giorni”, insisting me in making  a brief analysis from it.

Wednesday night. I get my headphones ready, Spotify ready and a small cup of vanilla ice cream I love (I usually eat this Blue Bell vanilla ice cream when I really want to deepen into music, it is pure delight!).

I hit play: “hmm……well, nice.
What? ….is it over?..
Oh!hmmmmm, interesting…. I see now”

I realized the song would be interesting just by looking at the name. The Days? how is this piece going to represent days? how can a day be portrayed in a song? Is it going to be all happiness, rainbows, fairies and jumping unicorns? No, not really. It portrays a real, original day.

This song anticipates subtle changes, but constants. The music cuts off, changes and starts again. This might be the change between days. Day and night. Opening and closing, over and over. The song starts slowly, as the morning. The time passes, we engage into  the afternoon and its peculiarities, moving fast but steady. Suddenly the night arrives and rests upon us with remarkable smoothness.

Interestingly, the night continues and we walk into a “dream”, as I see it. Which deepens, it has its own powers, its own life. Then, it becomes hard to tell when the dream ends as it blends with the dawn. The emphasis of this well done combination reminded me of “La Vida es Sueño” by Pedro Calderón de la Barca  (Life is a Dream). The confusion between a mixture of a daily routine and pragmatism of human beings, the surrealism and fate expectations revolve around the possibility that, all of this indeed, is a dream. Every day, every night might be a dream.

Then, does these “days” and “nights” in the song represent changes? Because if it is so, the song might as well represent life. Not being able to tell apart from life & dead, day & night, real & dream.


“All human beings are also dream beings. Dreaming ties all mankind together.”
– Jack Kerouac

Pet me….please | Puppy Play: an intriguing and murky new secret subculture

“What is going on?”, I thought to myself:
“Is that a man in a dog costume-suit-sexual attire?”

As I was watching a video from The Young Turks  a discussion emerged from the hosts, arguing the sanity of this subculture. I thought the show was biased and I needed a neutral point of view in order to understand this hobby (we will call it lifestyle from now on). Most of the videos, interviews, articles I found about Puppy Play were against it, showing off prejudgment comments, lack of respect and reactionary ideas.

Apparently this subculture surfaced from BDSM practices and became a secret lifestyle for many people some years ago, but the practice continues nowadays and is becoming increasingly known over the years. Tv shows, parades, documentaries, sketches, YouTube videos and even newspapers have covered this uncommon practice. I submerged myself into the deep,stormy ocean called internet and I was able to find interesting points of view straight from real human pups (Thanks! I was getting tired of reading / listening to bigots pigs)

Relationships are tough, we all know that. We all have experienced a friendship’s argument gone the wrong way,  a heartbreaking love or a misunderstanding at work. We as humans tend to hide different parts of ourselves, mostly the ones we are embarrassed about. Puppy Play allows you to encounter your true self, in a free biased environment and skin deep emotions.

According to Matt Baume in The Stranger, the Puppy Play functions as a psychological option reaching necessities other BDSM practices not always accomplish. Overcoming social fears, human interaction problems, making friends, relaxing, calming nerves and even understanding yourself are some of the benefits pup play can give you.

“But why pretend to be a dog? Why not just listen to Enya and squeeze a stress ball? That’s harder to answer, but I suspect that some pups just need a more forceful way to relax, or maybe the structure of puppy play, loose though it may be, provides permission to unwind.”




Sexual desire? yes…well, maybe…. sometimes…it depends. 

The Puppy Play can be performed in a sexual and non-sexual manner, depending on the desires both “handlers” (or Masters) and puppies agreed on. In other words, the sexual relationship would be mostly between puppies, so the handlers are not involved (however.. *ahem ahem* : in the BDSM path there are no boundaries between sexual taste and performance, as I understand).

I stumbled across a couple of websites from real human pups making an introduction to Puppy Play and answering from a variety of questions related to the topic:

Sirius Pup  is one of the most honest and open to the public website I found. Sirius explains the roots of the subculture, the meaning of his Pup name, his dog pack, the clan and even ethics in pup play (which is awesome because he identifies, explains and cares about important values in this movement, so he is very explicit about his ideas). Check out his YouTube channel (sensitive and sexual content, discretion advised).

“The goal is to release the dog inside you. It is an animal that hides beneath the layers of humanity you possess, an animal frequently suppressed by human convention and mores. It is a pure, simple animal – devoid of guilt or shame. An animal of want and need, expressing itself instinctively. ”
– Sirius Pup

Also another very well detailed website I encountered  is The Happy Pup. This is one of the most friendly and welcoming websites I found, where you can find specific accessories, with an elaborated explanation of each one of the artifacts, gear, toys hints and tips to make your pup experience more revealing. Check out his YouTube Channel (sensitive and sexual content, discretion advised).

“It’s a fun hobby but if the pack gets any bigger I might need a trailer!
[…] Hugs, tugs and happy puppy play.”

sirius pup

The relationship between the Master and the pup must be strong, even though is not a necessity or obligation to have one. Many items and gear are used by the Master to guide the pup’s behavior into a fitting one.


Puppy play is everywhere: all around the world, with different perspectives and methods but the goal is the same everywhere: release yourself, make friends and have fun. 

This article was fun to write. The research I had to do was an eye-opening for me (in many areas!) and I ended up finding myself between: pet toys, gadgets, testimonies, advises, pictures, videos,  leather suits, leashes, spikes, dog treats, sexual toys, machines, chains, floppy ears, paw gloves, dog food, recordings, dog bones…intrigue, distress, shyness, silliness, happiness, amusement, relaxation, socialization, friendship, desire, sex, pain, pleasure…..and so on. This is why Puppy Play is not a “weird” hobby: it is  lifestyle as Puppy Play includes from material entertainment to real emotions and raw pleasures.

“Real magic in relationships means an absence of judgment of others.”
-Wayne Dyer


[While I was writing the article, I realized the sensitive content under the topic. I felt obligated to forestall about its impact even though I wrote the article not in an explicit way on purpose.

By all means, I encourage objectivity, seriousness and respect for each other’s pleasures, likes, lifestyles, ideas and hobbies. Sharing our opinion wisely makes us more human: we should share and exchange point of views, enriching everybody’s perception and mind. ]



Modern dating is disappointing | Realistic thoughts

We live in an era were modern dating is really disappointing. Today, with all the social media, we have countless options to choose who we want and who we let go in an instant. All this with a click of a button.

We are too afraid to commit, too afraid to actually take time to meet a person. Too afraid to accept their bad and good. Instead we just say “It’s ok, there are 1000 other messages waiting for me.”

We choose people based on “personality CVS” as if we were employers on hiring season. Worst of all, we choose people based on swipes and likes depending on how photogenic they are and which filter makes them look better.

It has become such a fast process, that I don’t even understand it much. One week you try to know someone and the next thing you know is a different person the other week.

These days love and commitment have been put at last. Netflix n chill, one nights, booty calls and tinder casuals have been put in first place.

Try to be different and you’ll be the weird, crazy person that doesn’t follow the dating standards.

And why trying with just 1 person? The heck! lets flirt with as many people possible and choose them like if it was a deck of cards. Take out the one who seems too “thirsty and desperate”. Keep the one that ignores you. Play the game or it will play you!

All this to say the old ways should come back. People should open their eyes and realize why relationships these days come and go so fast. We need to realize finding a person to share most of our time and life with is something special and not just some game.”

– Alan Tiscareno

I found this in Facebook, is a deep thought from a great friend of mine.

I admire the way this short but strong message summarizes us, our lives and our perception of love nowadays.

“Technology brings closer the ones who are far away, but drives away the ones who are closer”
-A well-known spanish quote:
[La tecnología acerca a los que están lejos y aleja a los que están cerca.]


“There is no time to talk[…] it’s time for tea”| A broken promise at Mad Hatter’s domain

The Mad Hatter has always been my favorite character in anything related to Alice in Wonderland. He comes back to Alice’s insane mind  more incoherent than ever.

In this surreal game he reappears in Alice’s path with many “physical” needs. He is emotionally destroyed and dismembered because his only two friends, The Hare and The Mouse turned their backs against him and took over the Mad Hatter’s Domain.

Cranking up and Pressing Down is one of the levels in such realm. This is one of the few levels (in a game) that made me feel rushed by  the atmosphere and ambiance only, not by a typical lunatic-monster-chasing-episode. I was stressed with all the gnashing around me, requiring Alice to move quickly and sharp, being watched by the Hare moving the levers down to get me smashed.

Everything was gnashing and pounding.
I wish I could have seen The Hare for a longer period. I actually miss him.
The abuse and despair reigned the Mad Hatter’s domain

Smelling and Regurgitating is another level at my  favorite lunatic character’s domain. The name made me feel sick just by reading it.  The Mouse’s monologue in the recording is priceless. This recording playing constantly made me think about the big corporations nowadays, the brainwash and the deep influence it can make, created by an authority figure.

The Mouse’s monologue is priceless. Makes me think about the big corporations nowadays.
The Mouse is filled with grudge.


Pain, suffering and brutality reigns in the Hatter’s mullock palace. The whole flock of Dodos had been mutilated by the Mouse and the Hare, forcing them to run forever.

Dodo being tortured by the insanity of The Mouse and The Hare

Eyes poked out and replaced by screws, legs had been changed to metallic prosthetic ones and a  gear on the back, which is working endlessly to keep the Dodo running.

Game code © 2011 Spicy Horse International Ltd. All other materials © 2011 Electronic Arts Inc. EA, the EA logo and Alice: Madness Returns are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

This image reminded me of Portal, their fate and my duty were obvious:

The hidden message reminded me of Portal

I must say, the sound effects were outstanding. Thank you Jason Tai  for creating such an eerie, surreal ambiance. The melody makes us wander in delight between steam, grinding gears and crushing machines. What does the little light bell noises are supposed to imitate? tea drops? some tea-cup tapping ? sugar cubes?

I enjoyed this chapter a lot. Meeting the Mad Hatter again was interesting and in the situation he was found. The insanity the Mouse and the Hare spread throughout the episode is remarkable.

I cannot wait to continue playing this wonderful game. As far as I am with the game, I have the soundtrack ready on my playlist so I can inspire myself into the dreadful and creepy storyline.

Note: I added this link to the walk-throughs in the game by IGN for your convenience. 


“The law is just. Just a whisper away. Who knows how to measure rules? With a ruler! Cruel rules.”
-Mad Hatter in Alice: Madness Returns








Well, this ended abruptly | The Glass Dog, an American Fairy Tale

L. Frank Baum (1856-1919)
United States of America
Short Story

The Glass Dog

An accomplished wizard once lived on the top floor of a tenement house and passed his time in thoughtful study and studious thought. What he didn’t know about wizardry was hardly worth knowing, for he possessed all the books and recipes of all the wizards who had lived before him; and, moreover, he had invented several wizardments himself.

This admirable person would have been completely happy but for the numerous interruptions to his studies caused by folk who came to consult him about their troubles (in which he was not interested), and by the loud knocks of the iceman, the milkman, the baker’s boy, the laundryman and the peanut woman. He never dealt with any of these people; but they rapped at his door every day to see him about this or that or to try to sell him their wares. Just when he was most deeply interested in his books or engaged in watching the bubbling of a cauldron there would come a knock at his door. And after sending the intruder away he always found he had lost his train of thought or ruined his compound.

At length these interruptions aroused his anger, and he decided he must have a dog to keep people away from his door. He didn’t know where to find a dog, but in the next room lived a poor glass-blower with whom he had a slight acquaintance; so he went into the man’s apartment and asked:

“Where can I find a dog?”
“What sort of a dog?” inquired the glass-blower.
“A good dog. One that will bark at people and drive them away. One that will be no trouble to keep and won’t expect to be fed. One that has no fleas and is neat in his habits. One that will obey me when I speak to him. In short, a good dog,” said the wizard.
“Such a dog is hard to find,” returned the glass-blower, who was busy making a blue glass flower pot with a pink glass rosebush in it, having green glass leaves and yellow glass roses.
The wizard watched him thoughtfully.
“Why cannot you blow me a dog out of glass?” he asked, presently.
“I can,” declared the glass-blower; “but it would not bark at people, you know.”
“Oh, I’ll fix that easily enough,” replied the other. “If I could not make a glass dog bark I would be a mighty poor wizard.”
“Very well; if you can use a glass dog I’ll be pleased to blow one for you. Only, you must pay for my work.”
“Certainly,” agreed the wizard. “But I have none of that horrid stuff you call money. You must take some of my wares in exchange.”

The glass-blower considered the matter for a moment.

“Could you give me something to cure my rheumatism?” he asked.
“Oh, yes; easily.”
“Then it’s a bargain. I’ll start the dog at once. What color of glass shall I use?”
“Pink is a pretty color,” said the wizard, “and it’s unusual for a dog, isn’t it?”
“Very,” answered the glass-blower; “but it shall be pink.”

So the wizard went back to his studies and the glass-blower began to make the dog.

Next morning he entered the wizard’s room with the glass dog under his arm and set it carefully upon the table. It was a beautiful pink in color, with a fine coat of spun glass, and about its neck was twisted a blue glass ribbon. Its eyes were specks of black glass and sparkled intelligently, as do many of the glass eyes worn by men.

The wizard expressed himself pleased with the glass-blower’s skill and at once handed him a small vial.
“This will cure your rheumatism,” he said.
“But the vial is empty!” protested the glass-blower.
“Oh, no; there is one drop of liquid in it,” was the wizard’s reply.
“Will one drop cure my rheumatism?” inquired the glass-blower, in wonder.
“Most certainly. That is a marvelous remedy. The one drop contained in the vial will cure instantly any kind of disease ever known to humanity. Therefore it is especially good for rheumatism. But guard it well, for it is the only drop of its kind in the world, and I’ve forgotten the recipe.”
“Thank you,” said the glass-blower, and went back to his room.

Then the wizard cast a wizzy spell and mumbled several very learned words in the wizardese language over the glass dog. Whereupon the little animal first wagged its tail from side to side, then winked his left eye knowingly, and at last began barking in a most frightful manner—that is, when you stop to consider the noise came from a pink glass dog. There is something almost astonishing in the magic arts of wizards; unless, of course, you know how to do the things yourself, when you are not expected to be surprised at them.

The wizard was as delighted as a school teacher at the success of his spell, although he was not astonished. Immediately he placed the dog outside his door, where it would bark at anyone who dared knock and so disturb the studies of its master.

The glass-blower, on returning to his room, decided not to use the one drop of wizard cure-all just then.

“My rheumatism is better to-day,” he reflected, “and I will be wise to save the medicine for a time when I am very ill, when it will be of more service to me.”

So he placed the vial in his cupboard and went to work blowing more roses out of glass. Presently he happened to think the medicine might not keep, so he started to ask the wizard about it. But when he reached the door the glass dog barked so fiercely that he dared not knock, and returned in great haste to his own room. Indeed, the poor man was quite upset at so unfriendly a reception from the dog he had himself so carefully and skillfully made.

The next morning, as he read his newspaper, he noticed an article stating that the beautiful Miss Mydas, the richest young lady in town, was very ill, and the doctors had given up hope of her recovery.

The glass-blower, although miserably poor, hard-working and homely of feature, was a man of ideas. He suddenly recollected his precious medicine, and determined to use it to better advantage than relieving his own ills. He dressed himself in his best clothes, brushed his hair and combed his whiskers, washed his hands and tied his necktie, blackened his hoes and sponged his vest, and then put the vial of magic cure-all in his pocket. Next he locked his door, went downstairs and walked through the streets to the grand mansion where the wealthy Miss Mydas resided.

The butler opened the door and said:

“No soap, no chromos, no vegetables, no hair oil, no books, no baking powder. My young lady is dying and we’re well supplied for the funeral.”

The glass-blower was grieved at being taken for a peddler.
“My friend,” he began, proudly; but the butler interrupted him, saying:
“No tombstones, either; there’s a family graveyard and the monument’s built.”
“The graveyard won’t be needed if you will permit me to speak,” said the glass-blower.
“No doctors, sir; they’ve given up my young lady, and she’s given up the doctors,” continued the butler, calmly.
“I’m no doctor,” returned the glass-blower.
“Nor are the others. But what is your errand?”
“I called to cure your young lady by means of a magical compound.”
“Step in, please, and take a seat in the hall. I’ll speak to the housekeeper,” said the butler, more politely.

So he spoke to the housekeeper and the housekeeper mentioned the matter to the steward and the steward consulted the chef and the chef kissed the lady’s maid and sent her to see the stranger. Thus are the very wealthy hedged around with ceremony, even when dying.

When the lady’s maid heard from the glass-blower that he had a medicine which would cure her mistress, she said: “I’m glad you came.”
“But,” said he, “if I restore your mistress to health she must marry me.”
“I’ll make inquiries and see if she’s willing,” answered the maid, and went at once to consult Miss Mydas.
The young lady did not hesitate an instant.
“I’d marry any old thing rather than die!” she cried. “Bring him here at once!”

So the glass-blower came, poured the magic drop into a little water, gave it to the patient, and the next minute Miss Mydas was as well as she had ever been in her life.

“Dear me!” she exclaimed; “I’ve an engagement at the Fritters’ reception to-night. Bring my pearl-colored silk, Marie, and I will begin my toilet at once. And don’t forget to cancel the order for the funeral flowers and your mourning gown.”
“But, Miss Mydas,” remonstrated the glass-blower, who stood by, “you promised to marry me if I cured you.”
“I know,” said the young lady, “but we must have time to make proper announcement in the society papers and have the wedding cards engraved. Call to-morrow and we’ll talk it over.”

The glass-blower had not impressed her favorably as a husband, and she was glad to find an excuse for getting rid of him for a time. And she did not want to miss the Fritters’ reception.

Yet the man went home filled with joy; for he thought his stratagem had succeeded and he was about to marry a rich wife who would keep him in luxury forever afterward.

The first thing he did on reaching his room was to smash his glass-blowing tools and throw them out of the window.
He then sat down to figure out ways of spending his wife’s money.

The following day he called upon Miss Mydas, who was reading a novel and eating chocolate creams as happily as if she had never been ill in her life.

“Where did you get the magic compound that cured me?” she asked.
“From a learned wizard,” said he; and then, thinking it would interest her, he told how he had made the glass dog for the wizard, and how it barked and kept everybody from bothering him.
“How delightful!” she said. “I’ve always wanted a glass dog that could bark.”
“But there is only one in the world,” he answered, “and it belongs to the wizard.”
“You must buy it for me,” said the lady.
“The wizard cares nothing for money,” replied the glass-blower.
“Then you must steal it for me,” she retorted. “I can never live happily another day unless I have a glass dog that can bark.”

The glass-blower was much distressed at this, but said he would see what he could do. For a man should always try to please his wife, and Miss Mydas has promised to marry him within a week.

On his way home he purchased a heavy sack, and when he passed the wizard’s door and the pink glass dog ran out to bark at him he threw the sack over the dog, tied the opening with a piece of twine, and carried him away to his own room.

The next day he sent the sack by a messenger boy to Miss Mydas, with his compliments, and later in the afternoon he called upon her in person, feeling quite sure he would be received with gratitude for stealing the dog she so greatly desired.

But when he came to the door and the butler opened it, what was his amazement to see the glass dog rush out and begin barking at him furiously.

“Call off your dog,” he shouted, in terror.

“I can’t, sir,” answered the butler. “My young lady has ordered the glass dog to bark whenever you call here. You’d better look out, sir,” he added, “for if it bites you, you may have glassophobia!”

This so frightened the poor glass-blower that he went away hurriedly. But he stopped at a drug store and put his last dime in the telephone box so he could talk to Miss Mydas without being bitten by the dog.
“Give me Pelf 6742!” he called.
“Hello! What is it?” said a voice.
“I want to speak with Miss Mydas,” said the glass-blower.
Presently a sweet voice said: “This is Miss Mydas. What is it?”
“Why have you treated me so cruelly and set the glass dog on me?” asked the poor fellow.
“Well, to tell the truth,” said the lady, “I don’t like your looks. Your cheeks are pale and baggy, your hair is coarse and long, your eyes are small and red, your hands are big and rough, and you are bow-legged.”
“But I can’t help my looks!” pleaded the glass-blower; “and you really promised to marry me.”
“If you were better looking I’d keep my promise,” she returned. “But under the circumstances you are no fit mate for me, and unless you keep away from my mansion I shall set my glass dog on you!” Then she dropped the ‘phone and would have nothing more to say.

The miserable glass-blower went home with a heart bursting with disappointment and began tying a rope to the bedpost by which to hang himself.

Some one knocked at the door, and, upon opening it, he saw the wizard.

“I’ve lost my dog,” he announced.
“Have you, indeed?” replied the glass-blower tying a knot in the rope.
“Yes; some one has stolen him.”
“That’s too bad,” declared the glass-blower, indifferently.
“You must make me another,” said the wizard.
“But I cannot; I’ve thrown away my tools.”
“Then what shall I do?” asked the wizard.
“I do not know, unless you offer a reward for the dog.”
“But I have no money,” said the wizard.
“Offer some of your compounds, then,” suggested the glass-blower, who was making a noose in the rope for his head to go through.
“The only thing I can spare,” replied the wizard, thoughtfully, “is a Beauty Powder.”
“What!” cried the glass-blower, throwing down the rope, “have you really such a thing?”
“Yes, indeed. Whoever takes the powder will become the most beautiful person in the world.”
“If you will offer that as a reward,” said the glass-blower, eagerly, “I’ll try to find the dog for you, for above everything else I long to be beautiful.”
“But I warn you the beauty will only be skin deep,” said the wizard.

“That’s all right,” replied the happy glass-blower; “when I lose my skin I shan’t care to remain beautiful.”
“Then tell me where to find my dog and you shall have the powder,” promised the wizard.

So the glass-blower went out and pretended to search, and by-and-by he returned and said:

“I’ve discovered the dog. You will find him in the mansion of Miss Mydas.”
The wizard went at once to see if this were true, and, sure enough, the glass dog ran out and began barking at him. Then the wizard spread out his hands and chanted a magic spell which sent the dog fast asleep, when he picked him up and carried him to his own room on the top floor of the tenement house.

Afterward he carried the Beauty Powder to the glass-blower as a reward, and the fellow immediately swallowed it and became the most beautiful man in the world.

The next time he called upon Miss Mydas there was no dog to bark at him, and when the young lady saw him she fell in love with his beauty at once.

“If only you were a count or a prince,” she sighed, “I’d willingly marry you.”
“But I am a prince,” he answered; “the Prince of Dogblowers.”

“Ah!” said she; “then if you are willing to accept an allowance of four dollars a week I’ll order the wedding cards engraved.”
The man hesitated, but when he thought of the rope hanging from his bedpost he consented to the terms.

So they were married, and the bride was very jealous of her husband’s beauty and led him a dog’s life. So he managed to get into debt and made her miserable in turn.

As for the glass dog, the wizard set him barking again by means of his wizardness and put him outside his door. I suppose he is there yet, and am rather sorry, for I should like to consult the wizard about the moral to this story.


Well, that ended abruptly and sharp, I must say.

I enjoyed this story, though. At one point of the narrative, I felt like  watching a soap opera or a modern TV show. It made me think that people like to gossip, mind other people’s business and get their noses into other people’s lives.

Finally, it reminded me that gossip and  drama have been present in every era of humanity, and I guess, they will persist in the future.

“No thief, however skillful, can rob one of knowledge, and that is why knowledge is the best and safest treasure to acquire.”
L. Frank Baum, The Lost Princess of Oz

Inside the pleasure of hearing and…not talking | Top 5 ASMR & Role playing videos

I was …amazed. This concept, habit or practice it’s gaining popularity year after year, video after video. ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) is not new. Since 1920’s there were a couple of articles concerning this sensory experience explaining the connection between listening to peculiar sounds and the sensations in different parts of your body.

There are different types of videos involving our hearing sense in Youtube:  ASMR, Binaural recording, Role Play, Relaxation, etc. With these key words you can search in a wide variety of videos. In this post I would like to focus on ASMR media.

“Wait, what do you mean? what is ASMR?”
What a better way to explain it, with an ASMR video (by GentleWhispering)



Now that we know what it is, how it works and how to experience it, I present to you some of the most popular and well-done ASMR videos in Youtube. I must say, these videos were chosen due to their quality, creativity and peculiar storylines.

5. “Fantastic 4 Role Play” by Cosmic Tingles  ASMR

Do you like superheroes? In this video you receive medical attention by Invisible Woman.

4. “Remember, it’s okay to forget!”  by ASMRrequests

As the youtuber Ally explains, this video is inspired by the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. You become a patient at Lacuna, Inc. (a clinic that specializes in the focused erasure of painful and unpleasant memories).

3.  “A Man’s Best Friend” by Ephemeral Rift

What is like being a small pet? This video shows us the perks of being a hamster and its daily routine. 


2Episode 1- Departure “Space Travel Agent”  (Sci-Fi serie) by ASMRrequests


Have you ever wondered traveling out of space? Well, this is a new ASMR serie that takes us far away from Earth.


  1.  Episode 2- Frontiers  (Sci-Fi serie) by ASMRrequests

And the adventure continues. Now, in space. The variety of characters, dialogue and special effects traps us inside an amazing storyline.


I must confess. The options to make this post were vast. Creative and innovative human beings are producing amazing ASMR videos everyday.

After constructing the post, I realized that, as humans, we have so much to discover deep inside from our body, mind and imagination. We are still babies trying to figure out evolution and the power of the mind.

“We talk a lot about the five senses: vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. I would add one more…imagination.”
― Wes Adamson

Fenómeno: El efecto Poltergeist | Real human terror and mind-challenging ending (short film)

Fenómeno: El efecto Poltergeist
[Phenomenon : The Poltergeist effect]

Short Film
Leonardo Arturo Dominguez Martinez
Horror / Fantasy
11 min

Synopsis: The film tells the story of a kid, Pedro, asking his mother about an abandoned house, which is on his way to school every day. His mother tries to answer the questions, regardless of what is waiting for Pedro inside. Later that night, he let the time flew by beyond his curfew, and he decides to peak into the compound. This becomes  a terrible decision.

  • This film was selected to be part of the Macabro International Movie Festival and Zinema Zombie Fest.
  • A good audio emerges from the short film. The clanging of doors, creaks and unknown groans throughout the film  makes the spectator be aware of the surroundings inside the film. It is vital the use of good headphones to recognize and appreciate the good audio quality.
  • The lighting in this film is enjoyable, it inmerses you into the ambience. It has a grim and mysterious touch which welcomes you into Pedro’s fear.
  • The feature I enjoyed the most is the picture. Leonardo Arturo did a fantastic job transporting us to Pedro’s eye level throughout the short film. This makes the fear more real, more innocent, childish and even silly from an adult point of view.
  • *Spoiler* The most remarkable photography is when the nurse crawls to Pedro under the table. It reminds me of Asian horror movies with an iconic movement. (it’s worth say I consider Pedro’s attitude in this scene to be far away from Asian actors. Regardless of the kid´s immobility  and lack of pursuit, this attitude establishes a useless character enouncing the victim´s role, not even stunned by fear).
  • *Spoiler* The most interesting feature this film holds: a real human fear. The fear of dying, growing old and going crazy drives us insane just for thinking deeply about it. This film rocks these three fears with an unexpected ending. It’s worth the time to perceive the people’s faces at the credits.


Mexican filmography is growing strong, although slow. Eventhough the low budget is evident, amazing directors are creating wonderful films. I must say we should support talented new directors from around the world, they are coming with new and revolutionary ideas in the film industry.

“Film as dream, film as music. No art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls.”
― Ingmar Bergman

A mystical village | Namaste, Mazunte (Mexico)

What didn’t I love about Mazunte? Every corner, every little store, every sight.
This extraordinary beach is located in Oaxaca, Mexico, along the Pacific coast. Eventhough it can be somehow tricky to get there, I assure you…it is totally worth it !

I went backpacking with my best friend along the beaches in Oaxaca, and Mazunte won the gold medal by far! Since the moment we entered this hippie-like village, I knew it was going to be special.

There are many ways to get to Mazunte. We arrived to Huatulco International Airport so it was easier to get there. The easiest path to take is by walking to the carretera (highway) and take a taxi colectivo or colectivos (taxi cabs that take many people along the way [fare: $20 mxp]) camiones (buses) to Pochutla [30 min]. When you get to Pochutla ask for camionetas colectivas to Mazunte [fare:$ 10 mxp, 30 min max].

Mazunte,“mizontle” in Náhuatl (a well known, but not spoken, language in Mexico) refering to an specific kind of tiny crabs living in the area; with only one main street Avenida Paseo del Mazunte this paradise becomes more subreal when, it seems like, most of the population is foreign.

Most of the shops, houses, restaurants and hotels in Mazunte are eco-friendly. Every place I went to was in a thrifty-mode concerning the environment and the energy. Everything was organic, cruelty free, vegetarian and even vegan (have in mind that this kind of food is not easy to find in Mexico). We went to Cosméticos Naturales de Mazunte, we bought an organic sunscreen and a hair conditioner: excellent quality and not harmful to the environment! Look for this mini store, it is incredibly organized, very welcoming has numerous products.

We stayed in this gorgeous hotel-hostel Posada Ziga. I honestly don’t know how to call this compound  because we couldn’t believe the great services they had to call it a hostel, but too cheap for a hotel, they call it posada. We were looking for a place to stay for one night, in the second I saw the sight….I fell in love. My room was splendid: 2 double beds with mosquiteros and fans, one private bathroom (inside the room), a little terrace with 2 hammocks ($600 mxp per night). I think this is an amazing place to stay with friends, if the total price is divided by your friends, so spending the night could be extremey cheap and safe.

Punta Cometa is a must when you visit Mazunte. It is located at the far west end of this gorgeous beach, this rocky cape is located  in the southermost point in the state of Oaxaca. Unfortunately, the sky was extremely cloudy that day, therefore we were not able to see the sunset: the main attraction in Punta Cometa. Eventhough our luck, the sight is beauteous and leisurely, we loved it!

There are many ways to get to the top, ask the locals for the easiest way for you  (pssst….they told us: walk along the beach, heading to Punta Cometa, there is a little baywatch cabin [with a First Aid symbol], go to the right by the stone steps [between restaurants], and follow the path). By the way, don’t forget tennis shoes and bug spray (50 min from bottom to top)

This is the easiest path to Punta Cometa
Punta Cometa


I must say, the beach is gorgeous. I loved the fact that it was not very populated, it was kind of desolated. The beach is 1 km (0.62 mi) long, there is plenty of space to relax and have lunch, the sea right in front of you.




Mazunte stole my heart, magnified my spirit and recharged my energy.
I am definitely coming back, so I can renew my mind and renovate my body.


“The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul”

Namaste, Mazunte.

Alice: Madness Returns -“My Wonderland is shattered. It’s dead to me.”-

Oh Alice, my dear Alice…you never stop to surprise me. Since the first time I read the book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, or better know by Lewis Carroll,  I encountered this wondrous character. Now she is different and her psychotic breakdown strikes again in Alice: Madness Returns.

As the Chesire cat mentions in one of his ill-natured lines in this game- “Different denotes neither bad nor good, but it certainly means not the same” – we spot a distinct ambience than the usual, childish movie Alice in Wonderland, 1951 by Walt Disney Productions. Alice comes back madder and more sadist than ever…and even more violent. This jewel was released in June, 2011 by Electronic Arts, becoming the sequel to American  McGee’s Alice and prequel of Alice: Otherlands.

Briefly, Alice returns (again) to Wonderland: lost, confussed and more cursed than ever. At the begining, Alice is getting “psychiatric” help after the past two games, living filthy and unsupervised in the Victorian England in the Rutledge Insane Asylum full of uncanny children. Apparently Alice suffers a psychotic break and goes back to her memories and hallucinatory abode: Wonderland. She encounters childhood memories which help her to construct her own mind, and luckly for us…the game.

I am extremely excited to continue playing Alice: Madness Returns. This is one of the games I have wanted to play many years ago. I hadn’t had the chance to do so, but now this is my opening line fot this category Videogames.

This game is available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. I will be posting my ideas from the game and the correlation between her psychological course and the sly  way Spicy Horse, the developers, made it blend.